US Army Corp of Engineers- D Day- Purple Heart

Married Eileen 1946. Opened own architectural practice 1955 built house G.N.

16 architectural awards, 26 projects published, AIA lifetime architect award 1998. Retired with wife (judge) 1996. Lived on a 50 foot sailboat for 3 years


Derrydale Press published our book, "Great Donald Ross Golf Courses You Can Play", last year. It can be seen on the web on Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Com. we're on a second. I play lots of golf, and still singles tennis. Paul writes for the local paper. His column can be read on “the pilot.com”.

Best thing-Jonni Ryon and I are together. -After all these years-since we were 3.


I have been working for almost ten years now at the Museum of Penthes in Geneva which is a museum handling historical documents and objects that have to do with Switzerland, its past and present.  Each year two trips are prepared by the curator who also gives at least a dozen interesting lectures each year. My house by the lake has a lovely pink dogwood tree that I brought very small on a boat about 40 years ago. It is becoming known here. I have two dogs, Ugo (German Shepard) and Sky Setter (English white/beige). They get along fine together, and I don’t have to take them out walking. My oldest grandson is now working on this CFA exam June 3rd, which will last all day. It is difficult for him as he is also working all day at Reuters where he just got a promotion. He has just set up a company for frozen/cake –cutting/packing machinery. I admire him. My daughter was divorced in February, and is living with me. I have had her two sons since 1997-8. It keeps me busy.  After my 7 week shingles, which made me, miss my ski week, and trip to Cornouailles, I am again full of pep and ready to go. What a good idea to have a multi-graduate year newsletter. With friends in Munich, I will try to get hold of news of Bob Breen. Letter to follow with check. Thank you for everything. I enjoyed my two stays in Ft Meyers and visits in Naples about ten years ago. Thanks to Joy I will be with you. The 1943 reunion was such a success! Thank you again.


3 years in USAAF …worked for IBM in NYCity…Lockwood Hardware of Fitchburg MA…. Schlage Lock co 23 years before retiring in 1989. Have lived in Port Washington, since 1951.


After graduation I married Delores Leroy ’43. I served as a navigator in the Army Air Force during WWII. First employed by Shell Oil Co. and was supervisor of construction and maintenance in Chicago Il. Later on the Grumman Corp. in Bethpage L.I. Assigned employed me to the Lunar Landing project. During these 2 years we raised our family. After 26 years WITH Grumman we retired. We bought a house in Cutchogue, which we had renovated and added to as we had designed. We are enjoying our retirement participating in many activities including travel.


Mike had a serious stroke in September 1989. He recovered to the point of getting around with a crutch and leg brace. However, in July 1997 his heart gave out from the stress and he died of two heart attacks


Frank and I were married in 1947 in Munich, Germany. Off and on for nine years we lived in Bamberg, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Schweinfurt. He was graduated from the USMA at West Point in 1946, so in the army we lived everywhere. He was not in WWII, but was in Korea twice, and Vietnam twice so he paid his dues. Would be Afghanistan if he weren’t 77. We like NC, and our old home almost 100 years. Good luck you’ve taken on a massive job.


Husband, Paul died 1974      Sister, Grace Anne Johnson died April 11,2001.

Sister, Helen Kraft lives in Manchester NJ.  Brother, Doug lives in NC.

My two children are married and live in Texas. I have two grand daughters.


I’m enclosing a picture of me and my three grandsons taken last Christmas. From left to right: Rob is still only 6’5’, CJ at 14 is now 6’5’ aand growing:

Brad is 6’6” a freshman at USF on a golf scholarship, and loving every minute. I’m enjoying my life at the golf capitol (well one of them).  I dance with the “Sophisticated Ladies,” high kicking like the Rockettes. Sing in the choir, play golf 4 or 5 times a week, volunteer, study the Bible and spend time with my best friend Paul Pedersen. Also see my dearest old friend B. J. Breidenbach Dunn at least once a week. We have been friends since we were 3 years old, and neighbors in Kensington. It’s awesome. 


The gardens, as it is known hereabouts, is a retirement community of about 410 persons. We live on a campus of about 36 acres in a variety of apartments, and cottages. The apartments, except for one multistory, are single story buildings with garden type apartments, each with its own patio.  This is what is known as a full life care facility. Once one has passed the physical and been accepted for membership, he or she is assured of full medical care for the rest of life.

I am enjoying general good health, play golf at least twice a week and have a lot of new friends here at the Gardens since my wife Mary Alice passed away in June 1999. 


Working at U.S. Merchant Marine Academy since 1943, except for Navy Service in WWII. Retired from Kings Point in July 1980. But have been on contract most of the last 21 years. Try to get to Florida for Jan & Feb. should be there at 407-944-1917 shortly.


I’ve lived in R.I. –first in Newport, then Middletown, since 1951. I was for many years a technical editor for the US Navy. later after children I was a teacher of English at a second language to adults in a community college. Unfortunately, my husband, a German refugee died suddenly in 1996. I am of course retired-I’m 77 years old. Both of my children live on the Island, so I get to see a lot of them. My daughter has an MSW, but is presently not employed. My son has a large sailing business in Newport.


Winnie Mann ’44, and I were married in 1952. We lived in Scotch Plains NJ-employed by Honeywell. 1958 transferred to Bay Village Ohio by Honeywell. Had 2 children when we moved and added 2 in Ohio. In 1971 we moved to Bellevue Wa. And started several small businesses. The main one was a manufacturing co making light weight stone and brick veneers.  We lost our oldest son in 1977 in a freak boating accident. In 1990 we retired to Pt. Townsend – a small Victorian seaport full of history, and hippies, and we are very happy here. Our kids are scattered from coast to coast – Tacoma Wa. Libertyville Il. and Portsmouth NH.  Life is good!


Started at Lord and Taylor, Manhasset in 1942. Worked there until 1957. Ended up in NYC buying for L&T. 1957-1976 Stayed home- 1976 –1995 worked for privately held toy store in Americana as mgr. Until they closed the store.

I was widowed from F Gordon Eisser in 1977.

Retired, enjoying grand children. Belong to Port Washington Yacht Club. Sit as Warden of Christ Episcopal church in Manhasset. In touch with John’s wife Barbara Read Saunders all the time. Keep in touch with Bud Rappuhn-sister in laws brother (1939)  


My bio after the 1993 reunion…

Continued to work in private practice with emphasis on medico-legal evaluation, and treatment of elderly in a private skilled nursing and retirement community. Retired in 1995 spent time motor homing and at our water front vacation home in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. In 1997 returned part time, to the large Mental hospital where I had been Medical Director (Metropolitan State Hospital) to assist in caring for skilled nursing patients being transferred from a closing state hospital (Camarillo State Hospital) aand serving as supervising Psychiatrist and acting Medical Director until retiring again September 1 2001. Plan to play bridge, golf, and garden, visit Canada, loaf around, and drink a lot.

Oldest son is an editor with the Smithsonian; Middle son has a coffee farm in Costa Rica. Youngest son is a surgeon near Sacramento Ca.  Two daughters have busy lives one recently participated in a triathlon.

Wife Dee (Delores) retired from Psychology practice starting a second career as a writer. Recently published a delightful book, “Naomi’s Place” Available from Amazon or your local book store