I never left home! I still occupy the “old family,” homestead. My two daughters, (and their husbands) operate Glen Head Horse Farm, established by my husband, many years ago. We give riding lessons. I handle camp and school programs. We board and sell horses, and run 6 horse shows a year. Tom, died in 1996, and we all decided to keep GHHF going. Both husbands have regular 9-5 jobs, but work at the farm in what they laughingly refer to as their “spare time.”  


I’ve lived in Sands Point since 1953 after moving from Great Neck. At age 76 I’m starting a new business in composites, and continuing my real estate construction, and management business in which I have been active for over 50 years. If there are any other GNHS grads in Sarasota, I will be pleased to look them up next fall.


Lived and worked on L.I. until 1969. Employed by Dun & Bradstreet in sales. Transferred to Boston in 1969. Left D&B and moved to my wife’s home on Martha’s Vineyard in ’72. Operated own home improvement business from Edgartown residence for 25 years. Retired Nov. 2000.


Retired from Hershey Chocolate Co. in 1989. -V.P. Sales. Have lived in Florida at the Palm City address from 1990. Playing a lot of golf (poorly). Kids live in Tampa and Coral Springs Florida. Our Grandchildren are all in college. I was in the Navy from 1943-46 stationed on a Destroyer Escort. After college, I worked in the confectionary business my entire career (44 years).


Great to hear from you - and newsletter. Was great to hear of some our classmates & of other years - many missing. I won’t bore you with life beyond high school –just some facts (that really is boring)

Met and married J.H. Bud Johnson-off to Wisconsin-graduated U of Wisconsin, and so did Bud - we had three lovely daughters, 7 grandchildren -3 great grandchildren - all well and wonderful - all live nearby except three in Arizona. I hope to move there in a few years.

II taught school (after children were in school) for 30 years – retired 12 years ago.

Play tennis, swim, and little travel, refinish furniture, garden, & all that old lady stuff.

Looking forward to hearing from you, whenever- say hi to everyone (Sally for sure) who remember me.


I have lived in Birmingham Ala. For 2 years, Englewood NJ 52 years, I married Martin Lewis, MIT ’47, right out of Mt. Holyoke and he died in 1986. We had 3 children and 4 grandchildren, and a wonderful life. In 1994 I married Julian

Steinfeld, MIT ’44. (I guess it became a habit) who died tragically this past year. I am in Englewood still, and I do not feel like an old grad of 55 years.

My very best & fond remembrances of all GNHS grads.


After graduation in 1947 I was employed as an instructor by Skidmore in the dept. of Nursing. Married Frank (42). When children were old enough to go to school I returned to nursing. -Worked 23 years as a school nurse teacher with the Deer Park schools on LI.  Raised our family primarily in Northport LI. Returned to Cutchogue- have enjoyed travel-Hawaii, Alaska, England, Spain, Portugal, and Eastern Europe, and Yugoslavia (before the hostilities.  


My wife Mari White was in the class of ’44, but she had her senior year in Orleans MA. We had four children, and 7 grandchildren. I got my Navy commission from the NY State Maritime Academy, and after the war went to Cornell, in civil engineering, graduating in 1950 I spent about 10 years designing bridges in the Boston area, followed by a 3 year cruise on a 48 ft. yawl “Thetis,” with our four kids on board. Went back to school and obtained a couple of advanced degrees, and ended up teaching Ocean Engineering at Florida Atlantic University, and later at Maine Maritime Academy. We had a summer home in Maine, and converted it to a year around place. Mari is an RN, a wonderful wife, keeps me on an even keel.

Bobby our middle son was killed in a mountain climbing accident but the other three children are grown up and have their own families now.

Mari and I spend summers in Maine, we still have a boat, and come south in the winter. Our home in Maine is way downcast, almost to the Canadian border. 


After 44 years with JP Morgan-Chase, I retired this past June! I continue to be active at my university (in Va.) as an alumni-trustee, and also chair the USO of Metropolitan NY. For the military I have flown with the Marines. Been out to the

Air Force Academy with the USAF, and as a guest of the Navy, did a tail hook landing at sea aboard one of our great carriers. I’m on a great many not for profit

Boards  & enjoy this activity very much. My golf game is OK (15 handicap), and we just bought a place in Jupiter Florida, so I can work on improving my game.

One son in  (advertising), the other in software in California with a couple of kids.


I worked at Vogue magazine. Married in 1951 to Henry Nolte, a fellow Duke U classmate. (&Lawyer/U Of Penn.) Moved to Bloomfield Hills MI in1961 where we enjoyed sailing, golfing and tennis. Hank was VP General Counsel at Ford. Also lived in England for 2 years. Have 4 children. Took 5 kids to France for our 50th Anniversary in June.


Employed by Mobil Corp. for 33 years throughout the USA. Retired early to accept a position with Ryder System in Miami, and retired again after nine years. Instead of returning to California we (Flo and I) elected to remain here, and don’t regret the decision. Beginning to struggle on the golf course, and can’t keep up with Flo on the tennis court, otherwise O.K.


After graduating in 1943, I attended Columbia University. Philip Rosen and I were married in 1947, and we moved to New Rochelle in1949, where we still reside today. I was always interested in the stage, and the presentations for an audience. For oh so many Jewish congregations, and temples I performed in such dramas as the Miracle Worker, under the auspices of the America Theatre wing as well as at schools in Westchester county. I taught as well as organized, and produced performances of dance as well as drama.

Our activities were not tied strictly to the stage as Philip and I received the Humanitarian award from the Albert Einstein college of Medicine in Palm Beach Florida. The outside activities did not deter us from raising a family of three children, and a nest of seven grandchildren.

My life has been filled with wonderful events, and family happenings. I have been

Privileged to have had a busy, and productive life, with my religion and my family at the center of all of it.


US Navy 3 years, Hemphill Diesel School, US Mail, self employed 25 years as a carpenter, and cabinet contractor. Married Vinci 1950.Had a son Rick 1952, daughter 191956. Moved from Great Neck to new home 1953. Retired from contracting 1982, Supervisor of carpentry Nassau Medical Center 1982-1992. Retired from NCMC. Enjoying the Good Life with Vinci these 51 years, at our home. Playing golf traveling to Florida etc. Now looking forward to the Newsletter that Vinci and I can enjoy.


Spent 40 years working at TIME Inc. The last 20 years there as Director Radio/TV Publicity (place journalists and people features in our 6 magazines on news and talk shows.) Relentless, but great fun. Retired in 1991. On the board of Time-Life Alumni Society. We have 2000 members. Have monthly meeting followed by a guest speaker, and lunch. We plan trips locally and abroad. Member Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. Subscribe to a trio of operas every winter, and the Philharmonic.

Moving to life care retirement community in Greenport, in October. Giving up my wonderful NYC apartment. Boo Hoo!  Still swim occasionally.   


Attended Miami University, Ohio earned a BS in Finance, and an LLB in law at WASHINGTON AND Lee. Worked 28 years on Wall Street.

Retired in 1978- now private investor- spend my time on my computer, and help my wife Vena Jean on the farm. We have a farm in upstate NY, and she has an antique business.


Both Ruth and I are retired. We take continuing education courses at, and are docents for the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern.


Married in 1953, worked as a secretary at Hazeltine Electronics for 12 years. In June 2003 will be married 50 years


Army Air Corps/Air Force Reserve-Rank! St Lt. Married 1959- divorced 1982. Have three sons, and 6 grandchildren. Lived at East Northport L.I.-Remsen burg L.I.

Cold Spring Harbor L.I. Weston CT., and Stratford CT. 27 years Harris Publishing CO. VP sales …Retired 1970. No longer a snowbird. Now living full time in Florida


2 years in the US Navy. Dorothy and I have been married for 52 years. We have lived in White Plains for 47 years. I have a Veterinary Practice in Larchmont NY for 47 years. One son is a graduate of Georgia veterinary school. He married a veterinarian from the same class at Georgia. They practice in Atlanta GA. Other son is in business in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake city.  Both sons played football and lacrosse in college. One grand daughter in Atlanta is into gymnastics at ten years old. Dorothy and I have traveled to Europe, and the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.