1949 Graduate Comments Submitted On The Questionnaire


49-50 N.D. Freshman.’51-53 11th Airborne Div. Ft. Campbell, Key…’53-56 back to ND, got married ’56-60 Coached HS football, basketball, baseball…’60-61 coached HS basketball, football Akron OH….’61—66 General Tire trainee to plant mgr. In Chicago…’66-68 Branch mgr Shraders Inc    in Brighton MI…’68-69 Carolina Tire as Mich. Sales tech…’70-75 Longmile Rubber Co. as terr. Sales tecch in E Pa…’75-80 Berwick Tire Sales (PA) as owner/mgr…’80-85 USVCO sales tech in Pa. .NY, NJ… ’85-89 Recruiter for Sales Consultants…’90 Retired Now doing maintenance in senior apt complex, and loving it. Kids are doing very well & happily married.3 boys have kids (3-5-1)…Girls have none…they should have to put up with the same things they put me through.


Married only 3 times. #1 for 12 years. #2 for 9 years. #3 (and last) for 22 years and still counting. I’ve had at least ten dogs (Labs) none of which divorced me. If only a wife could be as faithful, loving, (unconditional) and fun as my dogs. I lived and worked in Columbia S.A. and Mexico, 1959-1964 and traveled both from ciudads to barrios – tan bueno!  Top job was VP Sales and Marketing with American Chicle Co. where I worked for 10 years, including S.A. Spent the last 26 years or so in the beer business Schaefer, Carlings, National, Schlitz, Strobes-sales and advertising. Retired in 1996 after 12 years sls mgr. For beer distributor Bucks city Pa.  I now live on a 30-acre farm near York Pa. Drive a school bus and motor coach for Red Lion Bus Co. So I get to travel a lot (free) and meet lots of wonderful people. I’m blessed with wonderful health and a great family and a forgiving Lord Jesus. Amen!  


We were married  in 1953. We lived in Detroit for 2 years, and 3 years in Brooklyn.

Dick taught chemistry at U of NC at Chapel Hill, until retirement a few years ago. We had five kids, traveled some and lived in Germany for a year where we spent six weeks camping in Europe with the kids Since then we have lived in Spain, Italy, Japan and Mexico. Since retirement I have taken up woodworking, and Dick plays golf, and is into photography. We have gone to a number of Elder Hostels at Arrowmont  craft school in Tenn.  & John Campbell Folk school in Western NC. For the most part things are going well and life is good. The only troubles…time flies too fast. . 


I married Rhoda Weitsman in 1961. We lived in Great Neck until 1975. We moved to Richmond Va, until 1983. Since then we have been here in Virginia Beach. I went to Columbia University, and worked for Mobil Oil, and Celanese…then retired from corporate life. Since then I have been self-employed as an executive recruiter (head hunter.) My wife is in real estate, so we both keep busy with travel, family, and gardening.  Maybe you remember me as (David) 2nd, or David squared.


I received the 1949 GNHS newsletter.  Very interesting. I have not been in contact with most of my classmates since graduation, and was saddened that so many of whom I was fond, have passed away. (It’s the same with my undergraduate college class. I will try to send you a paragraph sometime between now and your next annual issue. I doubt however, if anyone is interested what I have done this past half century.


Kitty Lee Hynds writes: “I’m so sorry to say that John passed away January 20th 1997. He had heart problems for several years. We moved to Seattle in ’96 where our five children live. We lived in Florida from ’69 to ’96. I like the cooler weather better.


Lived on L.I. until 1962. Moved to upstate NY to Salem. Owned a small farm & had my own real estate office until 1986. Moved to Venice Fl. ’86. Husband passed on in ’88. Left Fl. And ended up in Phoenix in ’90. Been in real estate since then. Just on my (at least) 10th retirement. Now living with life partner in Sun City. Have a daughter & grandkids & grandbaby nearby, as well as my brother & wife. We RV it around the country.and spend most of summer months in Prescott AZ. Still have my health and loving every day I get up. 


I admire your enthusiasm for this venture, and will certainly support you. I graduated in 1949, and my wife Bobbie Katz in 1951. We were one of seven GNHS couples at our 50th reunion. Still married and healthy and enjoying life here in NYC and Saltiere, Fire Island NY. I continue a Great Neck connection as a Trustee of the North Shore-Long Island Health System and President of the Long Island Hearing and Speech Society. I have also helped to establish a new Autism Center at Bethpage


Soon after graduation from High School, and attending the U Of Bridgeport, I was inducted into the Army and spent 2 years in Korea. When I came home I started working in the automobile industry, where I spent 40 years as a director of service. I retired five years ago.  I then became an associate for a company based in Michigan as a special investigator for product allegations. My wife and I live in Greenlawn NY. We have two sons, one is in the Police Department, and one is a lawyer. Our favorite joke is,” one arrests them, and the other gets them out.” We have five grandchildren, four girls and one boy. All are healthy, happy, and well. I also did my share of owning a boat, golfing, and going to about every race track for NASCAR racing. My wife and I have also done a lot of traveling around the globe


Just moved to Austin Texas because my daughter adopted a 6-month-old child from Russia. She is a handful. The child is always sick, and my daughter cannot stay home away from her work. MSo Grandma is here. Texas is big, big, very cold in Jan., Feb., & March. Just now in April it is 90.


The GNHS newsletter filled me in on voices from the past, it was wonderful.

You are right when you say we were lucky to have had such an enjoyable teen-age experience. I would like to be included next year. The address remains the same as we have lived here for 36 years and love our little town. We raised 7 children here and when we are not visiting Seattle Wa. Charlotte NC, Va. Beach Va., and upstate NY they come to visit us. The phone number is 631-261-9065. I graduated from Adelphi College as a teacher. I received my Masters degree from Stony Brook, and have taught high school social studies up until this year. I guess teaching is in my blood because I am now a Literacy Volunteer working with two Japanese women. We had a wonderful vacation this winter down on Marco Island, and in your area. We are bird watchers, and the Nature Conservancy was wonderful


I attended Katherine Gibbs in NYC. Upon graduation I worked for Esquire magazine for a short time… then worked in Great Neck for a few years…. married in 1952…lived in Flushing for 4 years: E Meadow 6 years; Commack for 6 years; on the beautiful North fork of LI for the past 32 years…brought up 3 great kids –Kerry, Gregg, Connor. Ray is retired, I am retired, but working part time. I have been a legal secretary for over 20 years and love the work. We are planning to sell our home in Laurel and move to Florida soon. We have had a wonderful 50 years. I still see and correspond with several classmates, and have visited them. None are on LI any longer.


Very active in dog rescue and dog training. Specialize in puppy training. Breeds owned Shepherds, & standard poodles. Photo under separate cover. My other big interests are Needlepointing, most of them take 2 to 3 years to complete, originals, mostly animals in them. Husband is a grad U of Penn, grad work Wharton. Lived in Cincinnati 47 years, great city to live in enjoying our grandchildren, going to football, baseball, karate, cheerleading, and gymnastics. Grandchildren are very active. That’s all for now.


In my retirement years, having a great time…have taught reading to illiterates, and tutor both fourth and fifth grade students (love them and so rewarding) all as a volunteer. And for a year or so have been studying watercolor painting…lots to learn. Grandchildren live within an hour from me so I get to enjoy them fully. Lived in Manhattan, Elmhurst, Hazlet, NJ and following my husband’s death moved to Florida where I have lived since 1980..Spent a couple of months in South America, been to England, and fortunately managed to get to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and a few of the Greek Isles, on a wonderful 2 week cruise before September 11th.


Lived in Great Neck, Westbury, Ridgefield CT, Cleveland Ohio, Rowayton Ct. have been an active boater, sail and power. Member of the Wilson Cove Yacht club, Rowayton Yacht Club, Corinthians. Community organizations activity includes Rowayton Beach  assn., Rowayton civic assn., Deacon of the united church of Rowayton, Jaycees (until age 28). Avid reader, and news junkie, thanks to Internet


Pilot single engine land and sea gliders, instruments; fluent French, German, fair Russian, Spanish; sub 3 hour marathon time; last marathon 2001 NYC; many triathlons; many 100 mile running races; currently riding BMW K75 motorcycle

Aerospace engineering and management 1949-1994.  2 years in Switzerland to manage construction of research submarine 1966-1968. Lloyd Harbor LI 1965-2000. In 2000 moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Vacation home at Tahoe City California, next to Squaw Valley ski area. Completed 4 major 100-mile mountain running races in 1998 for “Grand Slam,” award. Currently tied for oldest to have completed this feat. Will hike the 1000km (600 mile) Camino to Santiago pilgrimage in Spain during late   April and May 2002 with my wife Judith. (Red Cross disaster volunteers).


Lived in Boston, Wilmington, NYC, Cincinnati, Denver, Portland (Ore.), St. Joseph (Mo), San Diego, and Tampa. Started as an engineer, then sales representative, district  Marketing manager.  Bumped into and entered the vocational school business, and ending up owning 20+ of them from NYC to CA. Sold out taking early retirement in 1991 in order to devote all my time to my research which involves:  1. Alternative medicine, 2. Origins of Christianity, 3. The paranormal, and 4. Archaeology, which has taken me to 90+ countries. Am currently engaged in the research. I have been an author, songwriter, pilot, and headed an archaeology society, dealing with scholars around the world. Am currently producing a video documentary about one of my digs.  #1 priority is my dog.


Married Ilene from Forest Hills. I was in the Army 52-54 as a Signal Corps photographer. Attended Adelphi and U of Miami. Worked in family business for many years traveling the USA. Lived in Great Neck and California, now in Delray Beach, Florida. Playing lots of tennis, golf, and flying; got lic. In’56. Have heard from several GN Alums, and would like to hear from more.


1949 grad, married 4 children, 3 grandchildren, retired physician, amateur oil portrait painter, full time in Valatie NY, near Albany, and vacation home for the winter months in Myrtle Beach SC. Wife of 29 years Mary Eagle Yates. My first wife Patricia McGuinness GNHS class of 1952 died of colon cancer at age 37.