Letters and Memories

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April 2013
Joanne Hall (joanneclaf@verizon.net) writes:
I am searching for high school information about my now deceased mother, Getrude Gebhart. She passed away in January 2011 at the age of 93. I think she graduated from Great Neck North High School in 1934 or 1933? Her complete history is a mystery. Are there perchance any alum who would remember high school stories about her?

Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli updated his list of famous Great Neckers.
March, 2011
I found a whole bunch of old stuff in my mailbox that I missed before...
From July, 2010: Warren Cohen (whcohen@valeo-partners.com) writes:
Has anyone been in contact with Barbara Garrett? She was Class of '71, although she may have left GN before graduation....any information is appreciated....
Feb 2011
Candace Tinageroto (TINAGEROC@jccany.org) writes:
I am a 1966 graduate of GNS. My sister would have been in the class of 68. She has memories of many of her old friends but we moved away. I would love to purchase a copy of the 1968 yearbook. Is there any way?
May 2010
Robin Zucker (robinzucker@hotmail.com) writes:
Hi,My Name is Robin (Geier) Zucker Class of 1979. I am trying to locate a few friends from the same class. I am looking for Sharon Polsky,Shari Poretsky and Emily Chetwood. I would really appreciate any help, such as email addresses for them.
Thanks, Robin
February 2010

John Grimm (jpgrimm@yahoo.com) writes:
I stumbled across the website for Great Neck High's alumni page, and am hoping that you may be able to help out with a little genealogical research I am conducting on my Grandmother and Grandfather - I am writing in the off-chance that you may be able to put me in contact with anybody that may remember my grandmother, Ms. Doris (Dorie) Grace Milligan (Class of '38 or so) and my grandfather, John Edwin Hamilton-Jones (Class of 37 or 38). Perhaps somebody knew my grandfather's brother - Robert Hamilton-Jones. Both boys may have gone by Jones.

Are there any yearbooks from that era available? If it is not too much trouble, I would dearly love to hear from you -

Joan Sherman (joani@mindspring.com) writes:
Hi, I am wondering if there is any information about the faculty at the GNNSHS. I am particularly looking for Gary Price, social studies teacher who taught the class in 1961. If you have any information, I would appreciate it.

Laura Lehrman (laura.lehrman@gmail.com) writes:
North High School, Class of '54
Our last reunion was in '02, what do you think about trying to do another one?
[Well... who wants to step up and put one together?]

January 2009
Attention all SHPies

Michelle Eisenkraft (me2357@columbia.edu) writes:
I am writing from the Science Honors Program at Columbia University. The Science Honors Program is an extracurricular Saturday morning program for high school students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the fields of math and science. The program has been in existence since 1958, and enrolls high school students residing in the tri-state area. We are currently attempting to contact alumni from our program in order to learn about what they have accomplished in their current fields. Not surprisingly, a large number of our students attend or have attended the Great Neck public Schools. We would appreciate any assistance you can offer in providing current addresses/contact information for our list of alumni. We look forward to your reply. Thank you for your help, Michelle Eisenkraft

Sad news about Dr. Mogul

Laura Gal writes that Dr. Phil Mogul died of a heart attack in December 2008. [Ed. If someone can point me to an obituary, I would be grateful.]
A Tribute to Dr. (Philip H.) Mogul

December 2008
Steve Mallon (Steve.Mallon@motorola.com) writes:
Subject: Am looking for a graduation photo of my father
I have just found out that my late father John Robert (Bob) Mallon graduated from Great Neck High School in 1932 or 1933 (he was born in November 1914) and I would like to track down a class picture or individual graduation photograph if possible. Any suggestions on how I might do this, who I would contact?
October 2008
Anna Mowry (amowry@nfntulsa.org) writes:
I'm looking for one of our classes brightest stars - Neeru Chaabra class of 1984- any suggestions?
Judy Goldwyn (jgoldwyn@mail.com) writes:
Ira Goldwyn [class of 1980] passed away on October 19, 2005 while awaiting a liver transplant. Ira was a dedicated teacher of English and computers whose students recognized his sincere commitment to his chosen profession to them. Ira continued his contact with several classmates, and was the moving force behind his class reunions. In fact the class 25th reunion which he planned took place just a week after his death. Thanks to the efforts of Claudia Greene and other classmates, the reunion went on as Ira would have wanted. His family can be reached at jgoldwyn@mail.com.

Other information - did not go to Great Neck Schools, but lived there:
Adrien Arpel, cosmetics entrepreneur
Libby Hillman, cooking teacher and author or cookbooks
And: Peter Camejo and Bob Simon. Both were in the class of 1958
August 2008
Geoffrey Slavin (geoff.slavin@comcast.net) writes:
anyone from the class of '61 know anything about what happened to us... ?
April 2008
Deborah Rogers (cdrogers@pwrtc.com) writes:
I am looking for a Barbara Raskins. Through a search, I noticed a Barbara Raskins Kohan went to school at Great Neck. I also noticed she passed away in 2006. It is important for me to find out if this is the Barbara Raskins I have been searching for because I was adopted as an infant and would at least like to have some medical history. If anyone could give me information on Barbara I would appreciate it. Even if I could only see a picture or get a description of what she looked like, this may be beneficial to find out if this is the woman I have been searching for. Thank you so much. Deborah Rogers cdrogers@pwrtc.com
May 2007
Sherry Miller ( esherrymiller@yahoo.com ) writes:
I understand that an old friend of mine graduated from Great Neck High School. Do you have any information, like year of graduation (probably 1930's, maybe 1940's), activities, etc. Her name is Mona Hirsch Oppenheim.
November 2005
From: "Jerry Elmer" (JHE@goldenberg-muri.com)
Dear fellow and sister alums of South:

I have just come across the posting from Paul Marcy (and Faye Zuckerman) about the publication of my book Felon for Peace: The Memoir of a Vietnam-Era Draft Resister.

Yes, Paul is correct that I was a 1969 graduate of South. And, yes, Paul is correct that the book is available on Amazon.com.

Let me also add a bit to what Paul said. My book is also being published next month (December 2005) in Vietnam. This is the first time in history that a book by an American peace activist has been published in Vietnam. I will be going to Hanoi next month for some book-launching events there being arranged by the Vietnamese publisher. The Vietnamese edition of the book includes an Introduction by Professor Duong Trung Quoc. Although (of course) completely unknown in the United States, Professor Quoc is a prominent scholar and historian in Vietnam. He is the General Secretary of the Vietnam History Association and the Editor-in-Chief of Xua & Nay (Past and Present) Magazine. He is also a member of the National Assembly.

I have been very fortunate that the book has received very favorable published reviews in the United States. Interestingly, one review was by Mark Rudd, the last National Secretary of SDS and a founder of the violent Weather Underground Organization. Throughout my book, I compare and contrast the use of violence and the use of nonviolence as social-change techniques. I argue consistently in favor of nonviolence, and I use the Weather Underground as a foil in several places. In that context, the favorable review from Rudd, a former member of the Weather Underground was of special interest to me. In retrospect, Rudd has concluded that the Weather Underground's experiments with revolutionary violence may have been a mistake.

I send greetings to all of you South alums!

Jerry Elmer

From: Paul Marcy
To: gns74@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 11:31 AM
Subject: [gns74] GNS 69 alumn's book

I thought you might be interested in this information about Jerry Elmer, who was graduated from South in 1969? He's a former Kensington kid. His memoirs, Felon for Peace (I believe you can buy it at Amazon.com) were just published. In the book, he talks a lot about his days at South. (He even discusses the dress code!)

Below is an excerpt from Jerry that he wrote for a newsletter that goes to members of GNS '69.

My older sister knew him from Kensington. She said he was such a character. Jerry lives in Providence, and I recently had lunch with him. He's no longer a character? Just a regular guy. He's married to a doctor and has three children, one of whom is in medical school. He's still friendly with seven men from his year, and they still get together. Faye

From Jerry Elmer:

I am delighted to report that my book was published this month by Vanderbilt University Press. The book is Felon for Peace: The Memoir of a Vietnam-Era Draft Resister.

Although the word "memoir" appears in the subtitle, the book is actually part memoir and part political history. The memoir portions may be especially interesting to my classmates from South, as there is much material in the book that will be familiar to them. The first several chapters deal with anti-war activities when we were students, and several of our classmates and teachers appear both in the text and in the photographs. For example, on page 55, there is a photo of Dave Chawes, Pam Fadem and me burning Dave's draft card on September 5, 1969, and on page 19 there is a picture of our teachers, Mr. Parker and Mr. Horne, arriving at the Peace School at Temple Israel during the Academic Strike in April 1968.

To be fair, I must also point out that much of the book covers the period after high school. As some of my classmates know, during the 18 months after we graduated, I burglarized 14 draft boards in three states. At each local board we destroyed the files of men eligible to be drafted and wiped out all three parts of the draft boards' cross-reference system. (The book does discuss at some length the Providence draft board raid in June 1970, a burglary pulled off by a group largely comprised on classmates from South. We called ourselves the Rhode Island Political Offensive For Freedom, a name we chose because of the acronym it created.)

When I later (much later!) attended Harvard Law School, I was the only convicted felon in the graduating class of 1990. In pair of ironic twists, I graduated from law school on the twentieth anniversary of the Providence draft-board raid, and I was sworn in as a member of the federal bar in the same courtroom where I had been sentenced for that raid.

October 31, 2005
From: Noreen Johnston (Corrigan) (nmjohn@sandia.gov)
Can anyone tell me how I can get hold of the 1970 yearbook? I would like to purchase one.
November 15, 2005
From: Andrea Paley (andreapaley@yahoo.com)
I am Andrea (Aronofsky) Paley. I graduated from GN South in 1984 and never see any news from other fellow students. I live in Central NJ with my husband and 3 kids. I work for the State of NJ with developmentally disabled adults as a coordinator of services. I was sad to see that Mr. Minionis passed away - I had him for 11th grade math. I hope other 1984 graduates see this and contribute!
October, 2005 - Ira Goldwyn
Ira Goldwyn '80 passed away in mid October, 2005. We received several letters.

From DornyMom@aol.com:
It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of our beloved classmate Ira Goldwyn. He had a giant heart and was the glue that kept our class in touch all these years. His inspirational words and courageous spirit will live on in our hearts forever. We will miss you Ira.

From: Sue (Gary) Mazel "mazelsing"
via Rich & Ruth Brachman
Dear Classmates It is with a tremendous weight of sorrow that I write you all to note the passing of our beloved friend, Ira Goldwyn. He had such a tremendous will to live. If the strength of his spirit and clarity of his mind were the only measures that would sustain him in life, hen he would be living today, tomorrow, and for many many years. unfortunately, his body did not cooperate. This morning, his will to live lost the battle with a body which was too weak to sustain him. He tried so hard to make it, at least until our 25th reunion.

He called me, out of the blue, last Friday... so ready to make the connection with us all via the internet and teleconferencing!! He wanted to see and hear from all of us... it truly kept him alive this long!!! He spoke about how he loved seeing and hearing from all who made contact with him while he was in Florida... and that he was ready to sit back on the sidelines and trust that the reunion (and all else) would go as it had been planned, and that everyone would do what they had said they would do.

This morning, before receiving the call from Ira's sister, Laura, my daughter (home sick from school) brought me a box of photos which I had not un-sealed in the 3 1/2 years since we moved. She wanted to see what was inside. There inside, just looking out at us, were a handful of tiny black & white snapshots from high school and from the "3 Penny Opera" the summer of 1982... I showed them to her... said: Do you know who took these photos? and she said: "That guy Ira!" ... he had the gift of seeing all of us at the best of our "game" and then sharing his vision and memories, by giving us the photos which he snapped and developed for years and years. Ironically, I don't think that there are more than one or two photos of Ira around... does anyone have any to share?

We were so lucky to have him as our friend... Ira was a wonderful man, a true friend, and a binding source of comfort for all who knew him. I will miss him.

May Ira's memory be for a blessing to us all.
Sadly, Suzy Mazel

From: David Jasse
Ira Goldwin, the organizer of the 1980 Great Neck South reunion, scheduled for the end of the month passed away today.


From Phil Essex
via Joan Goldberg
via: "Richard Goldberg"
Sad news to report ~ Ira Goldstein passed away yesterday. Ira had been in ill health for a number of years, and was in Miami waiting for a liver transplant when he died.

Most of us remember Ira as one of the photographers in Levels' early years. He was a key member of this web site, and was one of the planners of the Amrhein Memorial weekend a few years ago. But most importantly Ira was an all around good guy, always with a smile and a joke. He maintained his upbeat persona despite all the physical setbacks he endured in recent years. I certainly didn't know him as well as some others here, but we shared some good times together nonetheless. He will be missed.

Sincerely, Phil Essex

From: Dave Swirsky david@expresswaymusic.com
My very close friend Ira Goldwyn (1980) passed away earlier this week. Those of us from the GN South Class of 1980 will always remember Ira as the "glue" that held our class together. He was the class historian and took thousands of pictures of all of us in our life at GN South. At our 20th reunion(which he coordinated)he put hundreds of random photos he took during elementry school and high school on each table to the delight and fascination of the alumni. Our 25th reunion is coming up next sat(oct 29th,2005)which he also put together. I will miss him terribly. Good bye dear friend Ira I will never forget you.

October 14, 2005
From: (mmpgacp@hotmail.com)
Hello friends,
I graduated there in 1980. I'm from Spain and my name is Margarita. I'd like to get in touch with some friends from that time as Soheila Rahimzadeh, Paula Prezioso (Class of 1979), Meryl Root... I'd also like to know about some teachers from whom I have very nice memories, like Doctor Mogul, Missis Omeltchentko, Mr Silverstone... It would be nice to get news from you. Thank you.

Jon White (urban@netacc.net) writes:
Hi Great Neck South Alumni,
I'm Jon White, a 1976 graduate of Great Neck South. Since I graduated I've done a lot of work perfecting my skills in Photography, I eventually got my degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1983, and I've had a lot of gallery experience. I've also branched out into Digital Art based on my photography. I have a couple of websites to share, http://urban.home.isp-direct.com/ is my website. Here you can see a lot of samples of my work. http://www.frontiernet.net/~jwhite1/ is the website for a major project I'm in charge of. I'm serving as the curator of a group art show for the artists from my fraternity at RIT, AEPi. For more information about any of this, please e-mail me at urban@netacc.net

July 2005
Jocelyn Ko (jocelynko@msn.com) writes:
I'm looking for Alumni Justin who graduated in 2001 from Great neck high school. I forgot his last name. He just graduated from university of Michigan or Michigan State University this May or June. Please let me know if you can find him. Thank you very much.
March 1, 2005
Diane Silverman (diane.silverman@verizon.net) writes:
Hi, my name is Diane Silverman and I was in the Great Neck South class of '69. We've got a great class and we hold reunions every five years. We recently started an e-newsletter with the latest news about our classmates. We've gotten a terrific response to it. If you are from that class --- or know anyone who is --- and would like to receive the newsletter, please e-mail me at diane.silverman@verizon.net.
September 30, 2004
Russ Trapani (Russ.Trapani@fremontbank.com) writes:
I moved to Florida from Great Neck 5 years before I would have graduated at South. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I remember Amanda Howard, Amy Scank, Lori Watson and Jessica Leigh. As far as teachers ... Mr. Shallow, Dr. Potts and the big mean guy, Mr. McGrath. After loosing both my parents, I feel a need to retrace my past. I look forward to hearing from anyone out there.
August 25, 2004
Nancy Mitchell (Nanmit@aol.com) writes:
My name is Nancy Mitchell. I am not an alumnus of GNS, but my husband is. His name is Steve Mitchell and he graduated in 1975. I also am looking for a yearbook. He never got one and has talked lately about missing out on that. His birthday is coming up in October and it would be a great surprise for him if I could find this for him. If anyone has any information on where I can get a copy of the 1975 yearbook for Great Neck South high school, I would appreciate it. You can reach me at Nanmit@aol.com.

Nancy Mitchell
June 14, 2004
Arthur Cohen (acohen@carolina.rr.com) writes:
I'm hoping you can help me. I'm Arthur Cohen, graduated GN South in 1970 (2 older brothers Gene and Ray (deceased at age 25)). For some stupid reason, I never bought a yearbook for my year and was hoping you might post a request for anyone who might have one and would like to sell.

Thx for your help!

Art Cohen
February 12, 2004
Gilda Brunetti (likethis@bellsouth.net) writes:
Hi. I graduated from Great Neck High in 1942. I am looking for a 1942 classmate named Georgette (Sophia) Rainson. Can anyone help me find her. Thanks,
Gilda Brunetti, Class of 1942
4402 Citrus Park Blvd.
Fort Pierce Florida 34951
February 2, 2004
Jeffrey Boudin (jeff@corporatechallenge.com) writes:
North High - Class of 1974 - 30th

The GN North Class of '74 is having their 30th year reunion on Saturday, May 22nd, 2004. This exclusive event will be held at Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy's Officer's Club, with full white-glove service, an exceptional dinner and much more, all overlooking Long Island Sound. Organizers Benjy Sax, Debi Murray, Andy Chaiken, Cindy Hedeman, Billie Berkowitz, David Feldman, Nancy Schulman, Cindy Korman, Elon Harpaz and Patty Katz are all volunteering their efforts to ensure this event Sells Out shortly. To reserve your spot contact '74 alumnus Jeffrey Boudin at: Jeff@CorporateChallenge.com.

Shari Regenbogen (clickphotostudio@comcast.net) writes:
My name is Shari Regenbogen and I graduated from the Village School (and Great Neck North) in the class of 1974. I currently live in Boulder, Colorado home of many other ex-Great Neckers. I am looking for a friend who was a GNN grad two years older, Stan Goodman from Lighthouse Lane. I would love to hear from him.
December 26, 2003
Anthony Trimboli (trimboli7@aol.com) writes:
I am a 24 year old college student that loved your website. I never went to any Great Neck Public School, I went to an Archbishop Molloy High School and graduated in its Class of 97.

I loved reading all these little letters on your site. They were very interesting to read. As a young man, I love it when classmates are friendly. I had many friends at Archbishop Molloy High School and have friends from various alma maters my age. I really love how you let your students say what they feel on line and on this site. It is very social and very open.

December 26, 2003
Ralplh Behr (behr@ralphbehr.com) writes:
Are there any 1969 North HS gradutes in the South Florida Area? I'm trying to locate a 1969 GN North HS graduate: Ms. Elizabeth Bell. Can you help me?
November 4, 2003
Nicole Lelchuk (nicolekimlelchuk@hotmail.com) writes:
My name is Nicole Lelchuk and I graduated in 1997 from South. I am looking to get in touch with Ian Morzan who graduated the same year with me.
Grisell Figueredo (fgrisell@hotmail.com) wites:
My name is Grisell Figueredo (fgrisell@hotmail.com) I was to have graduated from GNN with the class of 1970. I left the States in 1970 two months before graduation and lost part of my life. My blessing is that I have the most wonderful son anyone can have. He surprised me by writing to the school and after months got me a copy of what would have been my year book picture. I would like to thank all those than answered my son's email and would love to hear them. If anyone knows Nancy's whereabouts please let me know. I am now living in Miami. My son Fabian is a full scholarship student (Piano/Jazz) at Manhattan School of Music and my daughter is studying to be a Veterinarian at MSU. Thank you again!

I am also trying to track down Wendy Burton. We studied Ballet together. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
October 21, 2003
Bruce Williams (BWilliams@shuttleworthwilliams.com) writes:
My mother is Jessie Lauretta Schenck. She was valedictorian of the Class of 1938, at Great Neck High School. She lived at 5 Arrandale Avenue and attended All Saints Episcopal Church. She married my father (Clark Williams) in 1947 and moved to Memphis, TN, where she still lives independently, but in a residential community. Unfortunately, she has never gotten accustomed to using a computer, and so she hasn't had the benefit of seeing your nice website. As a result, I am writing to ask that if any of her classmates or friends from that time see this, please reply by email to me and include any information you would allow me to pass on to her, news, greetings, etc. I remember the stories she has told about life in Great Neck, and my brother and I are proud of that heritage.

I realize this is an unusual request, but I hope some will take me up on this invitation.

September 25, 2003
Stephen Taub (stephentaub@yahoo.com) writes:
I am a reporter doing a story on a very successful alum of GN North -- Warren Lichtenstein (I believe 1983). If you remember anything about him, I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me at: Stephentaub@yahoo.com
[Ed. ... We checked that Stephen Taub does really write for the financial press, so we published this letter. Just remember that any replies to him would not be confidential.]
September 5, 2003
Debra Aanonsen (gunther@earthlink.net) writes:
I'm Debra Aanonsen and I'm trying to find Lorelei Southard. We were in the class of 1974, although I attended summer school and graduated in 1973. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, or anyone who could give me information on Lorelei. Thanks.
August 21, 2003
George Eichen (Eicheng@aol.com) writes:
I am trying to track down my old friend known as Penny Berke at that time in the class of '66. if anyone has any info, please let me know. Thank You.
George Eichen
June 16, 2003
Samm Fernbach (SammSlam@aol.com) writes:
I was Wondering how my old High School [Village School] was doing. I miss my amazing teachers. This is Samm Fernbach. I just wanted to say hello. Amy (Gravy) is having a baby. It is due on Wednesday. That is very strange but, it has brought the family a great amount of joy. I am doing OK.

I appreciate the fact that the school dedicated a bench to sombody that I love (Pete F.) It means A lot to his family and I. Well I am hoping to graduate soon from Northeastern with a BA

Thanks to V.S. so I just wanted to give the 411 on me. bye!!!!!
May 29, 2003
Beth (Browdy) Gonyea (BAGonyea@aol.com) writes:
The GNS Class of '78 reunion is scheduled for Aug. 9, 2003 at the USMMA Officers' Club. The reunion Committee Chair is Karen Finucan. You can reach her at: Kfinucan@msn.com. [Ed. That's my reunion. I'm looking forward to it, as well as a post party. Will all the people who went skinny dipping in the Kensington pool on graduation night step forward for a repeat?]
May 24, 2003
Jesse Friedman (jesse@freejess.net) writes:
Considering the fact that not one, but TWO, of The Village School graduates were victims of the Great Neck sexual-abuse witch-hunt of 1988, it seems that with the truth finally being told world-wide via Andrew Jarecki's award winning documtary "Capturing The Friedmans" Village School alumni should take notice. Great Neck will not escape the stigma which Salem Mass will have forever.

There is a great deal of information about the case at www.FreeJesse.net

May 19, 2003
Pete Smith writes:
I am a 64 grad and have seen little or no info on possible 40th reunions. If one is not known to be in the works I would be glad to volunteer to host a small one at my home in Sarasota, FL ... it would be too difficult for me to try to organize one long distance in Great Neck ... perhaps sometime in the cold of winter?
May 19, 2003
Chris (chris@makingitabreeze.com) writes:
My name is Chris. My Grandmother, her two sisters and one brother, all went to Great Neck North schools in the 20's and 30's. I am trying very hard to research information on them, but have had trouble due to the fact that the family changed their name at some point. My one Aunt, who is still alive, does not recall the actual spelling of their original last name.

My hope is that if I can locate any of my relatives in the Great Neck School records, I may be able to find out something about my Great-Grandparents name. The only information I have is that both my Grandmother and her older sister, went to Arrandale School which no longer exists. They would have been students in the 1920's and early 30's.

Would you know if there is any way for me to contact anyone at the main office and see if I can locate any information? I would greatly appreciate any help that you may be able to provide.

April 29, 2003
Fabian Almazan (petrof16@hotmail.com) writes:
Hello, my name is Fabian Almazan. I am the son of a woman named Grisell Figueredo who attended Great Neck North High School either from '62 to '67 or '63 to '68. The reason I don't know is because on her senior year, two months away from graduating, my mother had to move to a different country where she lost all tangible memories; thus she was never able to graduate in this country. But I believe that her senior picture must have been on the yearbook of either 67' or 68'. I am desperately searching for an answer. Her name is GRISELL FIGUEREDO. Please write back if you have these yearbooks or have any advise on how I could find one. My address is petrof16@hotmail.com.
Thank you very much
April 16, 2003
Bonnie Turner (MomBryAmy@aol.com) writes:
Hi. This is to report that my dear friend and geometry classmate from the class of 1969 at Great Neck South, Ellen Beth Sandler, died of breast cancer.
Bonnie Turner(now Waldes)
February 28, 2003
Andy Sparberg (ajsparb@aol.com) writes:
Hello, I'm Andy Sparberg, class of '65. Would be nice to hear from other '65 grads. I remained in the NY area and after some years in the City returned to Nassau County, (not Great Neck, though) to raise my children. I did attend the 25th and 30th reunions - so if anyone who sees this message also was there, please write a response. Thank you.
February 28, 2003
Melanie Fries (magicmuse1@yahoo.com) writes:
I am on a fact-finding mission researching Great Neck (north or south) alumni that may be presently living in the Greater Milwaukee. Theatre X, the world renowned experimental theatre group based in Milwaukee, has received exclusive rights to develop a play from Jay Cantor's "Krazy Kat" opening May 1. John Scneider, a founding memeber of Theatre X and Pulitzer Prize nominee, will be writing the script. I'm hoping that a connection can be made with GNN or S alums and Jay's visiting the area for the world premier.
November 24, 2002
Edward Moon (iwl@gwi.net) writes:
My name is Edward Moon. I graduated from GNN in 1986. I would appreciate any information regarding our reunion.
Thank you.
November 24, 2002
Larry Steinberg (prissy@optonline.net), class of '57* writes:
In 1956 I left Great Neck High to join the Marine Corps. I obtained my GED there in 1957, so you will not find me in the Arista. I lived in Great Neck as my older sister and younger brother did from when we were born through all of our school years. When I first came to Great Neck High, I was in the 7th grade as the Junior High was being built. Ruell Tucker was our principal, and we has a fine staff of teachers. But what I miss most of all are the games we watched and screamed through in the bleachers and then partied in town when we won. I miss the G.O. Most of all I miss my classmates. I was less then a popular boy in school yet I liked most of my fellow students, even admired many. I am truly sorry that I lost touch with all of you so many, many years ago. The ironic thing about that are that I have a house close to Great Neck and go there occasionally and yet I still lost touch with all of you.

You should all be proud to be alumni of Great Neck High.

I would also like to thank the class of '54 for the donation of the clock in the front of the school's tower.
Thank you.

October 6, 2002
Rudiger L. Breitenecker" (rudi@mbllp-law.com) writes:
I would like to contact three students who won an award in 1992 for a device they called the "Generadoor" in a science contest sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The three students came up with an energy-saving technology on the cutting edge that is a revolving door of the kind used in office buildings and department stores, modified to make electricity from the force of people pushing it around. That idea, which came from three students at Great Neck South High School on Long Island, won an award.

I am an attorney by trade, but am currently researching similar energy saving devices for a paper. If possible, I would like to interview the students for my paper. If you have any information, I would be most grateful.

August 13, 2002
Andrew Schwartz (DCNC7668@aol.com), class of '73 writes:
My favorite teacher was my 11th grade spanish teacher, Joy Sonders. I heard she retired a few years ago. I would appreciate any information, mailing address, e-mail address, etc. you can provide me. Thank you.

July 26, 2002
Peter Mirabile (PMirabile@chadbourne.com) writes:
My wife is an alumnus of Great Neck South High School, class of 1974. Can anyone tell me who the publisher of the year book was so I can try to obtain a copy of her year book or tell me where I can go to take a look at a library copy of that yearbook. Thank you.

June 19, 2002
In an effort to find updated news regarding my class of 1958 reunions I happened on the GNN web site. I went through the 1957 class site (unfortunatly none listed for 1958) person by person and recognized 50% of of the alumni as friends. Talk about a window to the past! Great job all. I would love to hear from classmates and would like information on the next class of 1958 reunion. If anyone can help please contact me. I'm listed in the directory. I have never made a reunion but have vowed to make the next one!!
Gene Cevasco Genesepsolutions@aol.com

May 7, 2002
I am Nancy Hauck Boettcher and graduated from great neck High in 1956. I married ken Boettcher who would have graduated in 1953. We live in Memphis, Tn. now but our home will always be Great neck. We were wondering if anyone has information on the following:

Jim Fields
Ken French
Jackie Dalton
Janet Ankers
Glen Evans
Betty schwartz
Dick Vaules
Thekla Stein
Ann Dobson

Thanks for any information,    Nancy    Nchching@aol.com

March 14, 2002
Hi - my name is Elspeth Clarke - and had I not returned to England with my parents in 1961, I would have been a member of the class of '65, at Great Neck South.

I would so love to hear from anyone who might remember "the little English girl" - fellow classmates included: Judy Gallagher, Lynda Elsohn, David J Bourn, John Appleby, Walt Jarros, Ray Sanger, Paul Meyer, Priscilla Tuttle, Laura Wallens, Helene Walper.

I've been in the entertainment business virtually all my working life - mostly in TV, but also in theatre: I'm currently with Channel 5 Broadcasting, the newest terrestrial broadcaster in the UK.

I was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) last year - which included a visit to Buckingham Palace and a (brief) chat with Prince Charles as he pinned on the medal!

So - come on, you Colonials - get in touch and let me know what you've been doing!

Elspeth Clarke, clarkee@channel5.co.uk
Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd, http://www.channel5.co.uk

P.S. My sister, Gillian Clarke, was valedictorian (with male fellow classmate - Charlie???) - she would love to hear from anyone who remembers "that English girl"!!

February, 2002 - Congratulations to Sarah Hughes

I am a highschool student in China of your age
when I saw your porformance on the TV, I thought you were very very beautiful.
Congratulations.Your porformance was so perfect that I didn't know how to discribe it . And I want to make friend with you. I hope that you can answer me.
A few days later will be your birthday and I hope that you will have a good time!!!!

Hi Sarah!, maybe it's too late, but I didn't know this page. Your performance in Salt Lake was wonderful. You give hope to a hurt United States. You are a example to follow for the youth. Thanks, you are a beautiful inspiration.

Anton Pierre-Houston

Dear Sarah,
I never would of thought that someone from Great Neck would end up winning a gold medal. I used to live in Great Neck before I had to move down here to Bayside. Although I still live in Queens, I wish I would still be in Great Neck. You certainly proved me wrong Sarah, and I hope u represent Queens till the end.

Your Fan, Joshua

Congrats on winning OLYMPICS GOLD! I too am a figure skater, although not nearly your level! ;-) I wish you the best of luck for years to come. I can't wait to see you at the 2005 Nationals in Portland, Oregon!

Love Always, Ashley Mount

Hi Sarah,
I have skated with you a few times at the ice House. I won my first gold medal there last year when I was ten. You posed with me for a picture. Congratulations on your first Olympic gold medal. It's my dream to go to the Olympics and win a gold medal too. My family is going to drive out from PA to see your parade on Sunday.

Love, Goldie

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school and watched your performance it was wonderful, graceful, and just really darn great. I was wondering if I could do a a story on you for one of my classes I am sure you receive a lot of letters and stuff (like receiving the key to NY City)..but if you do get this I would really appreciate it a lot ..

Cordially yours, Robert L. Williamson

Greetings Sarah,
What is left to say about Sarah? Essentially speechless, I've composed a visual form of celebration to you for your Olympic 2002 accomplishment:      http://home.att.net/~Free_expressions02_USA/Sarah.html

May your future be ever golden and fulfilled. From a quixotic baby-boomer, thank you for demonstrating with such beauty on ice, dreams can come true, when you're young at heart and imbued with boundless spirit and grace.

Sincerely, G. Adams

Dear Sarah,
Your Olympic performance was spectular. Congratulations on the win in Salt Lake City. I look forward to seeing you live at competitions and ice shows. You made these Olympics so memorable and you are AWESOME on the ice.

Marian, Brooklyn, NY

Congratulations! I enjoyed your performance in Salt Lake. You were the best skater of the games. Good luck in torino!

My name is Aquiles Ruiz. I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico.

You are a great skater and I love watching you skate. I can't wait to see you in Syracuse at the Chapions on Ice tour because your so beutiful and talented. Good Luck with your skating and on getting that 1600 on the SAT's like you want.

Congratulations on your first Olympic Gold Medal!!
I just wanted to say that your performance on Thursday evening was spectacular! It was that most beautiful performance I have ever seen. Keep up the good work, I hope to see you at the 2006 Winter Olympics!

P.S.: Your Encore Presentation on Friday Night was very touching.

Like I said, keep up the good work. Congratulations!!!
Robert Townsend, Sonora, CA

hi sarah,
my name is katelin. I wanted to say that you did fabulously on your long program. I love to ice skate too. You are my favorite female ice skater and timothy is my favorite male. I can't wait to see you and tim in Champions on ice June 18!!!!

Love ya!
P.S.can you tell tim that I think he is an awesome skater

We love to watch figure skating but we do not follow it. We just enjoy it during the Olympics for its beauty, grace, and skill. We watched and enjoyed the short program. We were excited that three U.S. skaters where so close and had high hopes for all of you. And, as was all, we were excited to see how the long performance would turn out and would Michelle Kwan beat the Russian skater, and would Sasha and you perform well enough to sweep the medals. Not knowing you or Sasha as well, our attention was focused mostly on Michelle. Then you skated your long performance and I was captivated by it. I had never seen a more flawless and beautiful performance... you were magnificent. I have never been that impressed with a performance as I was with yours.... Awesome, totally awesome. From one not that familiar with technique or presentation, I just knew I had seen a performance that reached out and touched me... it was such a pleasure to watch.

At that time I began to root for you... all others were measured against your performance, whether you would get a medal or not I had seen the very best, and watching the rest of the performances I was right. you were the best. I do not know about how they score or anything... but I knew you deserved the GOLD that day, and when it turned out you did win I was so excited. I was thrilled at your excitement. You were so very beautiful to watch that day... thank you for the memorable performance. I only wish I had a video of it. I told my wife how great you were when she got home and she wished she could have watched you... (she was mad that I did not video the Olympics that night). I do not usually get that excited over skating. You were awesome!

Congratulations again... and thank you for such a wonderful memory... Good luck in your future performances... I will watch for them now with more interest. Your magnificent, skill, poise, appearance, everything... stay that way!

Sincerely: Ken Glover

hi! I'm part of a Yahoo! Group called: Sarah Pure Talent our website is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sarahpuretalent and I'm proud to say that we are the biggest Sarah Hughes' Fan club... we have 300 members since Sep. 12 2001. And we all share the same love: for skating and for Sarah!! Congrats on what was the best program I've seen in a long long time!!


My name is Michael,I am 17 years old and i am from Greece, Pireus....I would like to send SARAH HUGHES my best congratulations for your great succes in Salt Lake City...I Will tell you my dream, two years now i want to see you from close up, i hope so some day to see ;)...Anyway keep up the good work...you are very beautiful!!!

Michael From Greece...

To Sarah and the Great Neck North High School:

Here in Southern WI, not many know about the skater Sarah Hughes, but only the Gold Medallist. Well, I've been a fan for a few years and would just like to give a digital "pat on the back" to the Champion. Good Luck in your future career as a skater and a student... Harder roads will be traveled... And Media is going to be the hardest :P

Peter Romenesko

Congratulations Sarah Hughes
i'm ibrahim, 16, from Turkey. I'm going high school.
i watched you on tv when you were in the skating competition. When i saw your beautiful eyes, i said Sarah would win and take gold medal. And you've been succesfull in the competition. ...


Congratulations Sarah Hughes,
I grew up in Great Neck and have not been there for over 10 years. I spent practically every day childhood, ages 4 to 16, living at Parkwood pool in the summer, and the skating rink during the winter. Watching Sarah Hughes skate and win reminded me of all the good times at Parkwood. Thanks Sarah for bringing back my childhood, if for only a few moments.

Michael Morguess, North Senior, Class of 84

I have no connection with your high school - I remember hearing that Sarah is a student at Great Neck North High School so I looked it up on the web and found a place to connect with her (hopefully).

I am a flutist who just performed in a recital on 2/24. I have to tell whoever reads this email letter that Sarah has inspired me to "go for it" more than any skater/athlete/artist has in quite a while. I really appreciate the inspiration - I usually play well but I played REALLY well this past Sunday. You skate so musically. You rose to the heights of the artistry of the composers whose music you skated to (and that takes some doing!).

Thanks again, Sarah, for the great inspiration.

Becky McClure, Kirksville, MO

Congratulations Sarah on your great victory...you worked hard for it! You have made not only Great Neck, but the whole country proud of you.

Glenn Zagoren, GNN Class of '71, Zamboni operator at Parkwood '70-'71, CEO, PNL-TV

With all the controversy surrounding the Olympics this year, you made us all proud to be Americans and especially proud to be Great Neckers!! Looking forward to watching you skate for years to come now that Scott Hamilton has retired!

Michelle Price - class of '71

Before the Salt Lake Olympics we had never heard of Great Neck. We are avid Olympic fans and on that Thursday night Sarah's performance touched us all. She was judged the best in Figure Skating because in Salt Lake City she was the best. It simply doesn't get any better than that. How proud the Hughes family, coach Robin Wagner and Great Neck must be. We don't know if this letter will reach Sarah. If it does, we just wanted to say Congratulations! If you decide to try for Italy in 2006 we'll be cheering for you all the way. If not, may good fortune follow wherever life leads you.

Chris & Dawn Thompson, North Bonneville, Washington

Watched with amazed joy when Sarah took the gold. She excelled that night. Hope her head stays on straight and doesn't swell. Felt badly for Michelle, but she was gracious and is still a champion. The photo of the school could have been taken from my old bedroom window when I lived on Polo Road. Nice job with the website!

Michael S. Bumagin, M.D. Class of '59

I have not been in Great Neck for many years but when I watched Sarah Hughes from Great Neck win the Gold Medal at the olympics I felt so proud. It was like I had been there yesterday. Congratulations!

Alice, Class of 66

Like so many other people all over the world, I watched the young ladies skate last night...but unlike most others, I was cheering for a student at my high school! Sarah skated like an angel and the gold medal suits her magnificently.  My congratulations to her, the US Olympic team, Great Neck North and Great Neck!

Barbara Pilvin '69 (lifelong avid amateur skater) - willowsmom@aol.com

I'm so happy for Sarah and your community.  She has to have brightened all your lives there.  What a sweet girl.  I work at Allegan Public High School in Allegan Michigan, Home of Naomi Lang Figure Skater. I watched her grow up and she has made us all very proud her also! I'll watch my taping of Sarah over and over and smile thinking of How she has Made so many Americans Proud!

Patty Vaughn

Great Neck North must be proud to have such a charasmatic student in their midsts! I live outside Pittsburgh, PA and was truly in awe over Sara's performance! Your school and community must be proud to have an Olympic champion who not only stole the hearts of MILLIONS (including mine) with her performance, but also because she seems to be down to earth and is a true champion! CONGRATUALTIONS!

Kris Mellinger, Creekside, PA

HI!! I LOVE SARAH!! Now she's the bestest skater in the world, although my and friend and I have ALWAYS thought that. We really REALLY have to go to Sarah's homecoming parade, but, we don't know when or where it is. Please email me back any information you have about it [...] GREAT NECK RULES! GO SARAH!!!
yours trooly,
jennifer hue

January 12, 2002

I am looking for information on William E. Brown, Great Neck HS Class of 1940.  Brown was killed in action in France on January 17, 1945.  His family lived at 10 Church St., Great Neck, until moving to Millersville, Pa in the late forties.  Brown was survived by his parents, Thomas and Mabel, a sister, Helen, and two brothers, Thomas G. and William E. Brown.  Before entering the military, he was assistant manager of the Playhouse Theatre in Great Neck.

If anyone out there remembers Sergeant Brown, I'd like to hear from them. I've spoken to members of his tank crew, and I'd like to hear from his friends or classmates to hear of their impressions of him.

I have a couple of photos of Sgt. Brown on my website at: http://www.cyburban.com/~jopfletch/PurpleHearts/williambrown.html

Please email to foytfan@aol.com.

Dwight Pruitt

September 1, 2001

I was surfing the net and thought about Great Neck H.S. I moved from a farm town in central Illinois (Trivoli) and spent 2 years at GNHS.  Actually, I was an 8th grader during '50-'51 and a freshman '51-'52.  We moved back to Illinois in '52.  I still think of my 2 years there. I remember the names of a few of my teachers --- W.W. Young, Miss Brimley, Mr. Wishart. I think the principal was Mr. Tucker? I remember many Fri. and Sat. evenings spent at the Community Center---eating frozen Milky Way bars, playing volleyball in a courtyard and watching "Mike Barnett, Private Eye" on the B&W TV. Mike Barnett was played by Ralph Bellamy (deceased). Then there was "I Remember Mama", another great TV serial. Our bus driver was Hank. He drove us to Little Neck where I lived on Concord Ave. (4705).  There was a Little Neck movie theater on Northern Blvd., and I remember seeing, 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', a classic movie when it first showed at the Great Neck Theater.

I am a retired physician, now living in Castle Rock, CO.

Roger A. Williams, M.D.

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