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June 2010
Great Neck North High - Class of 1961 - 50th Reunion

The Great Neck North High School Class of 1961 50th Reunion is scheduled for Oct 22, 2011, at the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point. Weekend events are planned as well. Contact Joanie Parsly Sherman and our class web site ( for news.

February 2010

Joan Sherman ( writes:
Hi, I am wondering if there is any information about the faculty at the GNNSHS. I am particularly looking for Gary Price, social studies teacher who taught the class in 1961. If you have any information, I would appreciate it.

Lewis Silverman sent some photos of the 1996 GNN Graduation

September 2009
More 50th reunion news.
North and South High - Class of 1960-1963 - 50th
Diane Godlis Philips Cohen and Joanie Parsly Sherman are organizing a reunion for the classes of 1960 through 1963 for both schools.
Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Cellar Bar - located in the Bryant Park Hotel, 40 West 40th Street
Cost: $65.00 - prices subject to change
Purchase Tickets:
facebook group
Contacts: Joani Parsly Sherman, 908.439.2339,
Diane Godlis Philips Cohen, 516.482.0939,
Jason Philips, 917.338.9720,
North and South High - Class of 1960 - 50th
Jim Wynne (GN North) and Tony Linn (GN South) write:
The GN North & South High School Classes of 1960 are planning their 50th Reunion, to be held on Sept. 25, 2010. The current plan is to hold the main event at the Village Club at Lake Success. To find out more and keep track of the current status, go to our Reunion Web Site - If you're in our class and no one has contacted you, either create your own "Classmate Profile" or click on "Contact Us" and send a note to the web site administrator.
January 2009
Attention all SHPies

Michelle Eisenkraft ( writes:
I am writing from the Science Honors Program at Columbia University. The Science Honors Program is an extracurricular Saturday morning program for high school students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the fields of math and science. The program has been in existence since 1958, and enrolls high school students residing in the tri-state area. We are currently attempting to contact alumni from our program in order to learn about what they have accomplished in their current fields. Not surprisingly, a large number of our students attend or have attended the Great Neck public Schools. We would appreciate any assistance you can offer in providing current addresses/contact information for our list of alumni. We look forward to your reply. Thank you for your help, Michelle Eisenkraft

January 2008
Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli (GNN '53) updated his list of famous people from Great Neck. A big thanks to Edgar for doing the leg work for this.
Fred Lehrer sent this picture of himself and Marty Aronauer at their Saddle Rock graduation, and then again 50 years later.
Marty Aronauer and Fred Lehrer graduating from Mr. Cahallan's sixth grade class. Click the photo for a full size image.
November 2007
Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli sent us a photo of the 6th grade at Kensington from 1946 Click for full size image.

Peggy Kroll sent us a photo of the 1956, 6th Grade class from Kensington. Click for full size image.
October 2005
Dick Husta sent us the "Class of 1945 Newsletter" which he produced. We've made it available here. The formatting is a little off, because of the quick conversion from print to web, but we'll be fixing that. Editor's note: If anyone with some free time wants to edit web pages, the help would be appreciated.

Ted Collins' 1940s Newsletter is now available online. Ted has done a yeoman's job of tracking people down, collecting photos and gathering memorabilia. Click here to read it

Les Leighton ( writes:
Got an email from Ronna Kauffman through that there is a 35th reunion for the North class of 1970 in November 2005 but can find no information about it on this site. If anyone has information on the reunion please send it to me at
Thank you, Les Leighton
May 2005
Meredith Crouch ( writes:
My name is Meredith Crouch formerly Berg and I graduated from Great Neck North in 1991. My Yearbook unfortunately met an untimely demise while being shipped to me. I was wondering if you knew if the school kept any old copies that they would be willing to sell or if the publisher may still have additional copies or any other resources that may aid me in my search. I have already checked our and they just sold the only 1991 copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
September 2004
The 2003 "Class of 1945 Newsletter" is now here.
Andrea Riddle ( wants to know if anyone has information about the next reunion for the class of 1984.
July 2004
Josh Kates ( want to know how to get hold of a GNN class of 1969 yearbook. Anybody have one?
Scott Reit ( tells us that the GN North Class of 1975 is having their 30th year reunion on April 15, 2005, at the Swan Club in Glenwood Landing. The details are here
Manon Larouce ( wants to know if anyone has a way to get a North Middle Yearbook from 1984?
April 2004
The Class of 1972 is planning a "Let's celebrate our 50th Birthdays" Party/Reunion for October 2nd, at the Merchant Marine Academy. The details are here

Gene Cevasco writes: If any members of the class of 1958 would be interested in organizing a 45th reunion for late 2004 please contact me and I would be happy to share in the effort to make it happen.
I have not made previous reunions as I have traveled extensivly and was unaware of their existance. I have a business in Houston now so I'm stationary and available to help. Would love to visit with old friends so if anyone is interested please contact me.

January 2004
Raplh Behr ( wants to know if there are any 1969 North High graduates in the South Florida area.
December 2003
Phil Brodsky provided this picture of the KJ 6th grade class of 1972. Find your face!
November, 2003
Grisell Figueredo is looking for Wendy Burton.
October 28, 2003
Barry Gigseg is looking to purchase a 1972 yearbook. If anyone wants to sell him one, send mail to
October 21, 2003
Bruce Williams is looking for information about Jessie Lauretta Schenck '38.
September 4, 2003
Debra Aanonsen is looking for Lorelie Southard. Can you help her find her?
August 22, 2003
We got our web counters back! We're now able to forward mail to to the reunion coordinator. If you're organizing a reunion and want that to happen, send mail to
January, 2003
The 40s Newsletter is now online.
Febrary 21, 2002
Sarah Hughes gets the Gold in Womens Figure Skating at the 2002 Olympics. Deli on the Green upgrades the 'Sarah Huges' sandwich. No other Olympian has a a DOTG sandwich named after them. We've got a bunch of congratulations letters which we will get to Sarah when she comes back to town.

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